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Wooden Kitchen Scales

Brand: Big Jigs Toys


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A fun way to introduce the concepts of weight and numeracy to children.

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Wooden Kitchen Scales

These Wooden Kitchen Scales are a fun, high-quality wooden item for the play kitchen or supermarket.

It’s a fun way to introduce the concepts of weight and numeracy to children.

You can encourage your child to weigh all their fruit and vegetables before adding them to the shopping trolley.

A sneaky way to develop mathematics and social skills from an early age.


  • Measures 17 cm xΒ 13 cm xΒ 21.5 cm
  • Recommended for children 3 years and up


Teaching kids about balancing scales

Try using different objects, the same objects, large and small objects in the trays. Get your child to try and predict what will happen. Will the tray go up, down or stay balanced?

For example, a real surprise can occur when someone puts a heavy but relatively small bead in one tray and a large pine cone in the other tray. Children will usually predict that the pine cone’s tray would go down, meaning it was heavier. But no, it is the glass bead that was heavier than the pine cone.

After some more experimenting, children can discover that sometimes even though an object is large, it can still be light.


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