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Tākaro – Te Reo Māori Language Game

Brand: Game Kings


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Tākaro – Te Reo Māori Language game is incredibly simple yet entertaining and fun for the whole whānau

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Tākaro – te Reo Māori Language game

What is Tākaro – Te Reo Māori Language game? The game is incredibly simple yet entertaining and fun for the whole whānau. Each card features a number of symbols. Each of these symbols will have a direct Māori translation, which players will need to memorise and learn. Players will flip over two cards competing to find the matching symbols; the first player to call out the correct translation wins the round.

Tākaro can be played by ages 4+ with each round lasting 10-15 minutes. It will rely on the recognition of 57 various symbols, and the correct pronunciation of their Māori names. By the end of the game, players will be able to confidently recall a number of the symbols and their corresponding te Reo Māori translations helping to expand their vocabulary.

You can even scan a QR code on the box to hear the translations online!

Advantages of your child learning another language:

Learning a language is a wonderful opportunity for kids to broaden their view of the world.

It means understanding and learning to speak, read, write, listen and think in another way.  It also gives the opportunity to explore and appreciate the wealth of knowledge that is part of each language and its culture.


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