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Reward Certificates


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Contains 30 A5 certificates in six different designs.

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Reward Certificates

Reward your pupils with a choice of sayings with these Reward Certificates.

A useful daily resource for teachers and parents within schools, kindys, homeschooling etc

A great way to encourage positive behaviour consistently and often.

Contains 30 A5 certificates in six different designs.


  • Big Improvement
  • Keep It Up
  • Great Attitude
  • Super Effort
  • Great Team Work
  • Fabulous Work



  • Contains 30 A5 certificates
  • Six different designs.
  • Recommended for ages 3 years and above.


Advantages of your child learning another language:

Learning a language is a wonderful opportunity for kids to broaden their view of the world.

It means understanding and learning to speak, read, write, listen and think in another way.  It also gives the opportunity to explore and appreciate the wealth of knowledge that is part of each language and its culture.


We have a diverse range of Educational Maori resources available along with First Skills and Early Learning in English.