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Pink Foam Darts 10pc


Load up ready to attack with our pack of ten Pink Foam Darts.

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Pink Foam Darts

Load up ready to attack with our Pink Foam Darts.

Perfect for Nerf wars, this pack of ten are a universal fit with Nerf and X-Shot guns.

Made with high quality foam with a solid rubber tip.


  • Contains: 10 pieces
  • Color: Pink
  • Material: EVA and TPU, non-toxic
  • Height 7cm x Wide 1.3cm
  • Compatible with Nerf and X-Shot manual guns


Dress Up Play For Children

Dressing up in costumes is an important type of play that every child needs to experience.
Children have vast, open imaginations. By pretending to be other people, children experiment with new ideas and behaviours. As a result, they can decide what they like and what they don’t.

Dress up forces children to experiment with new language. They have to anticipate what, for example, a ballerina would say, or how a space explorer would speak. This gives them chance to practice with words and phrases they wouldn’t normally use.

Dress-up play can also stimulate so many creative and imaginative developmental skills which help make them a well-rounded and successful adult.


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