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Numbers Wooden Knob Puzzle


Beautifully illustrated numbers from one to ten – with a sturdy knob on each piece to help small fingers grasp them, and a picture beside counting each one.


Educational and fun all rolled into one!






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Numbers Wooden Knob Puzzle

Our Numbers Wooden Knob Puzzle comes complete with the numbers one to ten.

Each number also has the number written along side as well as images to help learn counting.

To help small fingers grasp easily, each puzzle piece has a sturdy knob attached.

Your child then has the challenge of completing the puzzle by matching the pieces to the corresponding image printed on the backboard.

Educational and fun all rolled into one!


  • 10 pieces with numbers one to ten
  • Each piece has a knob attached to help little fingers take them out easily
  • All knobs are screwed AND glued for safety
  • Measures 30cm x 22cm
  • Made from natural wood from renewable resources
  • Non-toxic, child-friendly paints used
  • Recommended for 2 years and over
The benefits of puzzles for kids
  • Physical skills — from holding puzzle pieces and turning them until they fit..
  • Cognitive skills — as they solve the problems of a puzzle.
  • Emotional skills — they learn patience and are rewarded when they complete the puzzle.


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