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Morphals Crystal Pets – Beasties


In Morphal Crystal Pets – Beasties, you’ll be able to show off three different Morphal pets: Howl, Stingo and Rabb.


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Morphals Crystal Pets – Beasties

Morphals Crystal Pets – Beasties are a new approach to papercraft that will have you creating one-of-a-kind pets directly out of a fantasy world.

First punch out, fold, and assemble the three characters included in the Beasties kit – Howl, Stingo and Rabb.

Then, place them on the transformation platform, and pour in the crystal solution, and watch as multi-coloured crystals will grow all over your paper pet!

Crystals form quickly, so watch and be amazed! Then, learn all about how it works with the included crystal book.

  • Set includes everything needed to create three morphal pets.
  • Comes boxed
  • Recommended for 7 years and above


Why is science important?

Science teaches kids about the world around them. It can help encourage children that they too can help solve the world’s big problems.

Science also helps kids develop skills of planning and conducting investigations, gathering information, team work and evaluating their findings.

It can also encourage responsibility while using scientific equipment and ingredients.


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