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Dress Ups – Little Storm Game


Help Little Storm dress himself – for all types of weather!


Little Storm Games helps train your child’s understanding of playing games for fun with others.



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A Little Storm Game – Intelligent fun games for little minds.


Help Little Storm dress himself – for all types of weather!


Be the first player to place all your Dress Up cards correctly onto your playboard and then find your “Go Out To The Garden” card to WIN!


The game exercises a child’s memory, recognition, linguistic skills and social interaction.

It is a fun way for children to compete, learn abstract concepts and life experiences!  It is also a fun and easy way to engage children in conversations about what kinds of clothes to wear at different times of the year.



  • 16 Dress Up Cards
  • 4 Go Out To The Garden Cards
  • 4 Dress Up Boards


For 2-4 Players

For 3 years and above

Playing time:  approx 10 minutes


Also available in: Lunchbox, Bed Time, Bath Time and Out and About


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