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Giant Wooden Beanbag Toss – ETA 25 September

Brand: Easy Days


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The classic game of Beanbag Toss is made even more fun as it is so big – perfect for those outside BBQs and parties.

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Giant Wooden Beanbag Toss

Hone your strategy skills with this Giant Wooden Beanbag Toss game.

The classic game of bean bag toss (also called, one in the eye) is made even more fun as it is so big – perfect for those outside BBQs and parties.

Improve your hand-eye coordination while having great fun with your friends and family.

The game is quick and easy to set up.

  • Includes:
    2x wooden boards measuring 60cm x 40cm
    4 x blue bean bags (measuring 10cm Square)
    4 x red bean bags (measuring 10cm Square)
  • Recommended for ages 3 years and above
  • Made from wood
How To Play Bean Bag Toss

Choose one player to start the first round and alternate so that each player on that side throws one bag at a time.

Players must stay behind the the front of the board or the throw does not count. Once all eight bags have been thrown, count up the score for that round.

  • Bags that hit the ground before they hit the board do not count. If the bag is hanging on the edge of the board and touching the ground, it doesnโ€™t count.
  • Players aim to get bags in the hole, but they also get points for bags that land on the board.

For every bag that a player gets on the board, they get one point. For every bag that a player gets in the hole, they get three points.

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