Genuine Baltic Amber Teething Beads – Bud Necklace


Geniune Baltic Amber Teething Beads may help sooth your baby’s gums and reduce the dribble that teething causes.





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Product Description

Genuine Baltic Amber Teething Beads

Genuine Baltic Amber Teething Beads may help sooth your baby’s gums.

The Bambeado range is available in a variety of colours and are approx 32-34cm in length.

We stock the ‘Bud’ style of bead which is a small bead which is to be worn against the skin and NOT chewed or put in the mouth.

Furthermore, to help with safety, each bead is individually knotted and comes together with a plastic screw clasp.

Designed to give way at the clasp, only one bead will only break off if broken.

Supervision is always recommended for children under the age of 3 and it is recommended that the necklace is not worn when sleeping.

(note: the names are the colours – not flavours! DO NOT put the beads in your mouth).



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