** 1 LEFT ** Dolphin – Night Light for Kids

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Meet Olivia the Dolphin – a plush toy night light for kids!


Help ease the fear of the dark.  Just hug her tight and her eyes light up!!


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Meet Olivia the Dolphin!

A soft cuddly toy and a night light for kids!!


Night Buddies are magical plush toys with a special secret!  Hug them tight and their eyes light up.  Children feel comforted at bedtime with their new friend beside them.  Patented illuminating eyes help ease the fear of the dark.  Parents will love how easily children fall asleep with these soft, cuddly companions.


Complete with a two-minute auto shut off timer, you do not ever have to worry about leaving their eyes lit up for longer than necessary. And if your child doesn’t go to sleep in two minutes, they can easily squeeze the tummy to reactivate!



  • 2-minute auto-off illuminating eyes provide comfort
  • For ages 2 years old and up
  • Safety and quality that Parents can trust.


Measuring 37 cm long.

Completely surface washable, just use a damp cloth to rub all over.


Exclusive to Squoodles in Australasia – check out the other Night Buddies friends in the range.

There’s EIGHT in total including four sea creatures, three cars and even and airplane!



NOTE:  Though Night Buddies are not intended to have a removable battery compartment, they should give you many years of love. The plush is still a super-soft fun friend at night even when the lights go out. If you truly want to replace the battery, you may do a “mini-surgery” by safely cutting open a small section of the bottom, replacing the batteries, and sewing back up.


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