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** 1 LEFT ** Basil Micro Greens Kit

Brand: Growing Memories


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A wonderful way to introduce your child to the fun and excitement of watching their plants grow.

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Basil Micro Greens Kit

Introduce your child to the wonders of growing their own plants with this Basil Micro Greens Kit.

These little micro green gardens make a great windowsill garden.

They grow quickly and can be used in salads, soups, pasta, sandwiches and as a garnish on meals.

  • Basil Seeds
  • Magic Soil Wafer
  • Planting Cup
  • Instructions
No Garden? No Problem!

When your backyard is a concrete patio or an apartment balcony, it’s hard to imagine growing a bountiful garden. But it can be done in containers. Choose some eco-friendly containers with drainage holes in the bottom, fill them with a potting mix and then choose seeds or seedlings to plant. Another option is to grow an herb garden inside on a sunny window ledge.

Benefits of Gardening with Kids

When children garden, they gain ownership in what they are cultivating. As children become more knowledgeable about all the living things in the garden, they are less likely to be afraid of touching the plants, getting soil on their hands, or being near bugs. They are no longer afraid of the unknown when they become familiar with what is in the garden.


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