Worst Things You Can Say to a Pregnant Woman


say to a pregnant womanYou’d think it would be easy to know what to say to a pregnant woman. Congratulations, you are glowing! But in reality, people say all sorts of weird and often offensive things. In fact, I’m sure when you were pregnant you received all sorts of comments, some of which were not welcome! If you know someone who is pregnant, or has been, share this list of things you should never say to a pregnant woman. I’m sure they (and you) will get a great laugh from them!

Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

Being a Mum of three, there were three chunks of time where people could put their foot into their mouth. So, of course they did! Here are some of the comments I received, along with some others said to other Mums to be.

  • Can I touch your tummy?
  • You shouldn’t be eating/drinking that.
  • Are you still with the father?
  • Are you expecting twins?
  • Have you tried losing weight?
  • Are you guys done now?
  • Your boobs are huge!
  • You look ready to pop!
  • I had an epidural. It didn’t work.
  • Aren’t you too old to have another baby?
  • You’ll never sleep again.
  • So that’s why you’re getting married.

Can Pregnancy Comments Get Any Worse? Yes, They Can!

Right, so you’re either wincing because you remember some of those things said to you, or laughing your head off because you can’t believe people would actually say them. Well, I’ve only touched the top of the ice berg. Here are some even worse comments you should never ever say to a pregnant woman and some comebacks you wish you could say in return!

  • What position did you use? – that is so none of your business and quite frankly, offensive!
  • Was it planned? – once again, none of your business. I’m pregnant and that’s between me and my partner.
  • Has the baby arrived/is there any news yet? – grrr! I do not want to receive 500 phone calls and text messages asking me if I’ve delivered my baby yet. You’ll find out when I do, so quit asking!
  • You are so hormonal! – my body is racing with hormones for a reason: I’m pregnant! My moods are none of your business and may even not be related to my pregnancy.
  • Are you pregnant? – no, I’m just fat.
  • You should get some sleep. You won’t once the baby comes. – I’m in my 3rd trimester.  Sleep is impossible because I’m too hot and everything hurts. And yes, I know I won’t sleep when the baby comes too!

What should you say to a pregnant woman? “You look great!” That’s it, nothing else.

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