Tips on Writing an ECE Fundraising Application

Writing an ECE fundraising application isn’t what most teachers or committee members enjoy doing. We’d go as far as saying they’d rather weed the garden, go grocery shopping or watch 100 re-runs of Paw Patrol instead. Okay, maybe not Paw Patrol.

Regardless, spending time completing fundraising applications is a highly effective way of getting cash for new resources for your centre. We share some tips to help you in the writing of your applications for fundraising grants for your Centre.

How to Make Writing Your ECE Fundraising Application Easier

It’s not incredibly exciting, but the results can be! New educational toys for the kids, new furniture or even a new heat pump could be on the cards. Writing an ECE fundraising application does require careful planning and consideration. Here are some of our tips to help you achieve success.

  • read all the documentation first – there is plenty of paperwork to read when applying for grants. Make sure you read it all, as there will be details in there of eligibility and requirements you’ll need to follow.
  • include relevant support material – this can include quotes, building inspections, plans and even photos of the areas the grant will help improve. Adding excess support material won’t help your case and will just make it harder for people to assess your application.
  • be specific – make sure you detail exactly what you are applying for and what you will use the money for if successful. This can include details of the items, how the children and community will benefit, plus where you will purchase them from.
  • show how you are contributing – many ECE fundraising applications require your organisation to demonstrate the other things you have done to help raise funds. This could include raffles, garage sales or bakes sales for example. Make sure you add financial details and even photos of these for the application assessors to look through.
  • double check your application – not only for spelling and grammar but check that you have included all the required materials with your application. Not attaching a bank slip or details of your bank account will prevent you from being paid and slow down the process. Also make sure that you file the application before the due date, as a late application will get you nowhere in a hurry.

If your Centre is applying for funding for educational games or puzzles, wooden toys or multicultural resources, we’re more than happy to help provide a detailed quote to help you with your application. Email Tracy on to discuss your requirements and she’ll do everything she can to help you with your ECE fundraising application.

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