Science for Kids: What Does It Look Like & Involve?

I don’t know about you, but when I think about science for kids, I instantly think of toddlers wearing lab coats and using Bunsen burners! But it’s not that that at all. In fact, science for kids is far less technical. It’s all about learning how things work and cause and effect too.

So, it got me thinking about science for kids and what that could look like. As parents, what can we do to help encourage and guide our kids to dig deeper into science? Here’s what I found out …

What Does Science for Kids Look Like?

Remember those little nature tables at kindergarten? Or the news table at school? We used to put interesting things we’d found outside on them, like leaves and bird’s nests. The teacher would set up a display on the science topic we were learning about, using books, pictures and models. Part of the fun was being able to explore the items on the table, using our eyes, nose, ears and gentle fingers. It was about seeing what happened next after you did something, even if it was accidently swishing an egg and spilling the yolk on the floor!

Has learning science really changed that much for our kids today? Well, yes and no. Technology has made finding and learning information quicker and easier, but they still need to touch, smell, listen and observe things to learn today too!

What Does Science for Kids Involve?

Every day, kids are learning about science. Why the sky is blue, where does milk come from and why does it rain are all questions parents get asked all the time by our kids. Well, that’s science. Then, what happens when I drop my toy and what happens when I poke a bubble are also examples of science thinking and learning.

Science for our kids is all about studying the world around them, learning why things are they way they are and how they work. As parents, it’s our job to help guide our kids to find the answers to their questions rather than giving them all the answers. We can do this through encouraging them to test their hypotheses and providing them with the materials needed to do this.

I’m proud of the science experiments for kids we have in our store. They’re professionally designed and contain all or almost all the materials needed to perform their individual experiment. They also make it easy for us to encourage our kids to learn more science too! Head over and take a look at our kid’s science experiments today.


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