Rainy Day & Indoor Activities for Kids: Stop the Cabin Fever!

It’s cold and bucketing down outside, making finding some great indoor activities for kids becomes a priority. Sure, there’s always TV or the iPad you could fall back on. But an activity which is educational, helps build their thinking and social skills, now that’s something as a parent I’d want to know about! So, I started doing some research and hunted down some great indoor activities for kids to share with you.

Top 7 Indoor Activities for Kids

When the weather isn’t favourable, or the kids would rather play inside, they need great games to keep them entertained and busy. While kids are happy to invent their own games or play some of their old favourites, as a parent it helps to have something up your sleeve for when the cabin fever sets in. Here are seven to get your rainy day game stash started:

  1. Wooden Snakes and Ladders – a timeless classic board game, there’s nothing quite like sliding down snakes and climbing up ladders to teach some important skills. Turn taking, number recognition and counting are just three of the skills kids will learn. It’s also fun seeing them go down the snake and then you win…just saying.
  2. Freeze – pop the music on and burn off some energy dancing with your kids. When the music pauses, everyone needs to freeze. Then start it up and get dancing again.
  3. Flying Kiwis Board Game perfect for kids from six years old, this NZ made board game tickles the fancy of anyone who loves a high energy and fast paced launching game!
  4. Homemade Instruments – hunt out the empty cardboard boxes, plastic containers, spoons, pots and anything else which can make a noise. Have fun creating instruments and then playing them together as a band.
  5. Salt Dough Creations – make up a batch of salt dough and spend a few hours creating masks, animals or ornaments to bake and then paint.
  6. Start Building – using ice block sticks, cardboard boxes, paper and glue, you’ll be amazed at the creations kids can build! Or for the more traditional activity, we have plenty of wooden blocks you can build with instead.
  7. Touch and Feel Box – grab yourself a sturdy box and fill it with child safe items from around the house. As indoor activities for kids go, this one is perfect for helping with a child’s sensory development and building their vocabulary.

What are the favourite rainy day activities at your home? Do you have any favourites from when you were growing up? We’d love to know, so please let us know in the comments below or via our Facebook page.

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