Giving Positive Praise: 10 Positive Things to Say to Your Child

Never underestimate the power positive praise can have on a child. Giving positive praise to our children helps to reinforce behaviours, builds self confidence and self-esteem. When you praise your child, you are showing them how they can see themselves in a positive light, helping them to recognise when they have done well.

As well as providing feedback, praise can also help direct behaviour and increase a child’s motivation. It keeps them on the right track, validates them as a person and builds a positive attitude.

Sometimes it can be hard to know what to say other than good boy or good girl. So, as well as 10 positive praise examples, we’ll also share information on using praise too.

Understanding & Using Positive Praise for Your Children

There are two main types of praise: personal praise and effort-based praise. Personal praise is highlighting the things that your child is naturally good at, such as sport or singing. Effort-based praise is highlighting the things your child does that he controls, such as the time spent on homework or reading a book. Both are great to use, with more of an emphasis on effort-based.

When you do praise your child, it’s best to be quite descriptive. This helps them to understand exactly what they have done which was great. It also makes it more likely that they will do it again!

When giving your child praise, try to:

  • Give it immediately once you notice the good behaviour or action
  • Be specific as to what the good behaviour was
  • Be real and show both in your voice and body language that they have done well
  • Notice the little things as well as the big
  • Accept that each child is different and praise their individual achievements
  • Use both verbal praise as well as physical rewards for praise (small little rewards such as finger puppets work well here)

Next we’ll list 10 beautiful examples of praises to share with your child.

10 Positive Praise Examples to Say to Your Kids

To get you in the praise giving mood, here are ten lovely things you could say to your child:

  1. I’m so glad you are a part of this family. Your creativity in making …. brightens my world!
  2. You have so many wonderful ideas, it’s exciting to spend time with you.
  3. I love the way you try so hard to make your bed covers smooth in the morning.
  4. You were so brave staying still when I cleaned your scrapped knee. Well done!
  5. I like how you double checked all of your answers for your maths homework.
  6. Thank you for spending so much time and effort making this picture for me.
  7. It is very generous of you to share your biscuit with your brother.
  8. I like the way you are using different colours on your picture.
  9. You are so good at trying different ways to do this jigsaw puzzle.
  10. Thank you for helping me tidy up. I liked the way you put all the puzzle pieces back in the box.

How does your child respond to praise? Do they prefer verbal praise or a physical reward? We’d love to know, so please tell us in the comments!

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