Fun Ideas for Gardening with Kids at Home

Gardening with kids isn’t just about planting seeds and mowing the lawns with a plastic lawnmower. It’s about building a passion for being outside, working with the earth and helping to build an understanding of where food comes from.

The Squoodles boys are lucky in that their school is an active member of the Garden to Table initiative. They have the opportunity to cultivate the garden, grow their own vegetables, then prepare, cook and eat them at school. It’s a fabulous program which really helps develop senses of responsibility and pride, as well as learning and trying new things. It turns out that the vegetables they refuse to eat at home, taste so much nicer from the school garden!

When it comes to gardening with kids, we’ve found that the secret to growing their enthusiasm is keeping our boys involved. We thought we’d share five neat ideas we’ve tried at home with you.

5 Cool Ideas for Gardening with Kids at Home

From a vegetable garden in the backyard to a bucket on the porch or a large pot plant inside, gardening can happen anywhere! If you haven’t got the space outside, or are unable to ‘borrow’ someone else’s garden, then container gardening is perfectly fine. Keeping in mind that everyone’s garden is different, we’re sharing five ideas for gardening with kids that would be suitable for most:

  1. Ask the kids what they want to grow – let your child take ownership of what they are going to grow. If they pick their own vegetables, they are more likely to want to eat what they’ve grown than something Mum chose!
  2. Use kid-friendly tools – small hands and heavy adult gardening tools don’t mix. Choose tools which are the right size to make things much easier when planting.
  3. Learn about insects – while some children are fascinated by bugs, others hate them. If you spend time learning about insects and what their jobs are, their scariness gets smaller. A bug catching net can be useful to catch them, before putting into a bug box for studying. You could consider building your own bug hotel to encourage little visitors to your garden.
  4. Engage their imagination – read your child stories about the Princess and the Pea or Jack and the Beanstalk. Engage their imaginations and then head outside to grow their very own beanstalk or peapod. Our seed kits are just the thing to use to make this possible!
  5. Grow a pizza – well, kind of. A pizza garden can be grown by planting crops in a circle, and within that circle, each wedge contains a different edible plant. You could grow tomatoes, onions and peppers, all of which are definite pizza ingredients!

Gardening with kids is something the entire family can enjoy, no matter what age members are! To get your garden kickstarted, take a look at all of the fun kids gardening products we stock.

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