Crafts for Kids: Easy Activities You Can Do at Home

Looking for some great ideas for arts and crafts for kids? Awesome! But did you know that not only are you keeping them entertained and engaged, but you’re also providing them with many opportunities to grow and develop too! Today I’m going to share some easy activities and crafts for kids you can do at home. I’ll also dive into why, as a parent, encouraging your kids to experiment with art and craft activities is a great move!’

Kiwi Parent’s Guide to the Top 5 Crafts for Kids

Looking for easy crafts for kids to fill in time during the school holidays or on a rainy day? Look no further because we’ve found the best five crafty activities for Kiwi kids! They are:

  • Box construction – it’s time to dig through the recycling pile and pull out all the empty egg cartons, cereal boxes and cardboard tubes. Organise scissors, a hot glue gun, Sellotape and if you’re brave, paint too! If they get stuck on what to make, try one of these egg carton crafts.
  • Slime – everyone loves slime, except maybe parents who don’t want a mess! The truth is though, it’s not that messy and if you are worried, the kids can play with it on the lino or over the sink. Here’s a great slime recipe to get you started.
  • Colouring in – easy to set up and highly portable, the fun of colouring in should never be underestimated! But to make it even easier, order a Cats Meow Colour-In Puzzle. Everything is included and it fits in a handy little box too.
  • Model building – using empty boxes like with box construction is great for building vehicles and other large models. Older kids though, prefer to make them more realistic and that’s where our Wooden 3D Puzzle models are brilliant.
  • Bubble wrap mat – we can’t resist popping bubble wrap, even as adults. Stick pieces together with tape and then tape the edges on a carpeted surface. Then enjoy jumping to pop those bubbles!

For more great ideas on art and craft activities for kids, be sure to check out our crafty kids range.

Crafts for Kids: What Are the Benefits of Encouraging Kids to Get Crafty?

Besides using their imaginations, what are the benefits of arts and crafts for our children? Well, there’s plenty of benefits, including:

  • Improving fine motor skills
  • Help develop coordination
  • Assist with visual processing skills
  • Encourage creativity
  • Develop self-regulation
  • Increase self esteem
  • Encourages neural connections
  • Grows problem solving skills
  • Teaches perseverance

You can’t go wrong with purchasing a craft set as a gift for your child’s birthday or Christmas present! For extra help on what other presents you can buy, check out our blog on Top Tips on Choosing Gifts for Kids.

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