Car Travel with Kids: A Parent’s Survival Guide

It’s road trip time again, and that includes car travel with kids. Yuk! As a parent, we all know the havoc our kids can cause. From yelling, hitting their brother, throwing their toys and asking never-ending questions, sitting in a car only intensifies everything! It’s no wonder that car travel with kids ranks highly on the list of nightmares for parents!

However, sometimes you’ve got to do it. So, it comes down to careful planning and organisation to help your kids survive, and your sanity remain intact.

Top Tips On Surviving Car Travel with Kids

If you haven’t been asked 5000 times “are we there yet” by the time you get to the end of your street, it’s a miracle! Road trips with kids can be incredibly stressful for everyone, but here are some ways to make the journey go as smoothly as possible:

  1. Pack snacks – in a small confined space, giving your kids lollies and cake isn’t the best idea. Instead stick with crackers, cheese cubes, raisins and chips. Yes, they’ll make a mess, but that’s what vacuums are for.
  2. Identify all the playgrounds on a map before you leave home – you’re going to need to stop often to stretch those restless legs and visit the toilet. Be prepared by knowing where the best places are in advance.
  3. iPads and portable DVD players – charge the batteries or bring adaptors to plug into. These are a lifesaver!
  4. Games – keep a bag full of games ready to pull another one out to entertain the Magnetic travelling tins will provide plenty of fun and the magnetic pieces won’t fall on the floor easily. Kids will spend ages playing with a Road Trip Bingo game – pointing out objects as you drive past and learning about our amazing country.
  5. Audiobooks – there’s nothing like a great story to encourage some listening practice. Put them onto your iPod or a CD before you leave home.
  6. Drive at night or during nap times – if you can, schedule some of the trip during late night, early morning or known nap times. It’s a real bonus for everyone if your child can sleep for even part of the journey.
  7. Books – stockpile some children’s books to bring in the car with you. Look for ones on topics your child enjoys. Even if they’re just looking at the pictures, it’s filling in time.

It will also pay you to think back to when you went on car trips as a kid. What did your parents do to help pass the time? What were your favourite car trip activities? We’d love to know, so please tell us in the comments below. Remember to organise your road trip busy bags before you go, and fill them with lots of goodies from the Squoodles toy shop!

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