Activities for Dinosaur Mad Kids Which Even Palaeontologists Love

If food chains, anti-predator defences and fossilisation are everyday subjects for the dinosaur mad kids in your home, then read on! We know their knowledge can rival a paleontologist’s. We also know that as a parent, you’re continually looking for fun and engaging dinosaur-themed activities. That’s why we’ve put together this list of seven activities for dinosaur mad kids (and their parents).

7 Themed Activities for Dinosaur Mad Kids

Great news: one study found that kids who love dinosaurs are smarter than those who don’t! That’s certainly something to remember when you’re engaged in the 99th discussion of the day on the T-rex… While the study found that an ‘obsession usually lasts only six months, you can encourage it to continue by providing themed activities, including these seven beauties:

  1. Fossil Making – using salt dough, mould the dough into bone shaped pieces, then bake in the oven. Once cool, they could be painted or left au-natural.
  2. Fossil Dig – this could be as elaborate or basic as you like. The idea is to bury look-a-like dinosaur fossils in the sand or mud for your child to excavate. Why not bury the fossils you created earlier?
  3. Jigsaws – pre-schoolers love to put puzzles together, and our educational wooden dinosaur puzzles are just the thing. There are two kinds available: a large picture dinosaur puzzle, as well as a wooden alphabet dinosaur puzzle.
  4. Dinosaur eggs – if the ice-age killed the dinosaurs, get ready to thaw them out. Place a plastic toy dinosaur inside a balloon, fill with water, tie the end and freeze. When frozen, remove the balloon and it’s up to your child to discover the best way to thaw their dinosaur friend.
  5. Dinosaur art and craft – depending on the age of your child, you could draw a few dinosaur outlines and cut them out. Your child then uses a range of materials (paper, felt balls, fabric, glitter and glue) to decorate their new pet. Little wooden pegs make great spikes (just saying).
  6. Dinosaur model building – building a T-rex, mammoth,triceratops or stegosaurus 3D dinosaur model sounds like a wonderful weekend or holiday activity for dinosaur mad kids to us! These wooden dinosaur models even walk too. We also sell some amazing Wooden Clay Dinosaur Kits, where you build the wooden skeleton and then use modelling clay to create the body! Super cool.
  7. Dinosaur baking – how about some herbivore cups (sliced carrots, cucumber and capsicum) or dinosaur footprint biscuits to feed your paleontologists? Chocolate mousse could become which you dig into to find dinosaur fossils (lollies)…

What we love the most is that when it comes to activities for dinosaur mad kids, there are so many possibilities! We’d love to what learn your little one’s favourite dinosaur is, so please leave us a comment below.


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