10 Innovative Ways to Reuse Bubble Wrap

Received a parcel and are looking for ways to reuse the bubble wrap the contents were wrapped in?  You’ve come to the right place, because we’ve got a list of 10 creative things you can use bubble wrap for!

Before we do though, we just want to explain why we still wrap some of our products in bubble wrap. Even though we have switched to using brown cartons, compostable bags, and brown paper for most of our packaging, we do use bubble wrap occasionally to ensure our most delicate products arrive to you in one piece and undamaged. Like you, we reuse and recycle products where we can, as well as purchasing eco-friendly products. So, when we receive products wrapped in non-recyclable bubble wrap, we looked for ways we could repurpose it, instead of throwing it away. Get ready to learn what we came up with next.

10 Innovative & Exciting Ways to Reuse Bubble Wrap

We love to pop it (when we get to it before the kids, that is), but that’s not all bubble wrap is good for! Here are 10 of our favourite ways to reuse bubble wrap:

  1. Little art booties – wrap gently around your child’s foot and give them some paint to stomp all over a piece of paper. Not only will the bubbles pop, but you’ll also have some cute artwork.
  2. Bubble wrap hopscotch – too wet to play outside? Tape down some numbered hopscotch squares cut from bubble wrap onto the floor and get hopping.
  3. Bubble wrap jelly fish – cut the body from bubble wrap, stick onto a blue background and add pipe cleaners as tentacles. A lovely non-paint art activity.
  4. Sun catchers – forget about making glass sun catchers – use painted bubble wrap on your windows instead. Simply paint in a rainbow of colours, cut out some shapes and tape to your windows.
  5. Wrap handles – find it hard to hold onto the broom handle? Wrap it with bubble wrap for an improved grip. It also helps reduce the likelihood of developing blisters.
  6. Bubble road – spread the bubble wrap out down the hallway and you’ve got an instant road for running or playing cars upon.
  7. Help your shoes keep their shape – remember how many shoes come with their toes stuffed with paper you quickly recycle? Well, toe stuffing helps your show keep its shape when not being worn. Better get toe stuffing again.
  8. Wrap your frozen – when you’re bringing home your supermarket shop, wrap up your frozen product in bubble wrap. It is a great insulator and will keep food cold until you get it home.
  9. Protect frost prone plants – cover your delicate plants at night-time by tying bubble wrap around or over them to protect from frost damage. You could also cover your car windscreen with a large piece in winter too!
  10. Fruit protector – wrap a thin circle of wrap around your strawberry plants and when the strawberries grow, they won’t rest upon the ground! Yay for no more mouldy, dirty strawberries!

Surprisingly enough, we’re not just known as experts in the field of repurposing bubble wrap; we’re toy experts too! Come and take a look at our online toy store and with your purchase, you may just get some bubble wrap too!

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