Top Tips on Choosing Gifts for Kids

gifts for kidsChristmas, birthdays or just because, choosing gifts for kids can be difficult! This is especially true if they are not your own kids. You want to give them a present which they’ll enjoy, the parents find useful and which doesn’t break the moment they play with it. Finding the perfect kids present is such a common problem that I’m going to help you out. Introducing my Best Tips on Choosing Gifts for Kids Guide!

Tracy’s Top Tips: Choosing Gifts for Kids They’ll Love

A bottle of wine, a bowl of nibbles and a chair to relax in. They’d be top on my list of great Mummy presents. But to be honest, give me five minutes peace to go to the toilet and I’d be happy! When it comes to picking the best presents for kids, I’ve got plenty of advice to share. After having three kids and attending many of their friend’s birthday parties, I’ve perfected the art of choosing gifts for kids. So, forget giving gift vouchers and try some of these ideas instead:

  • Age appropriate – each toy is made with a specific age group in mind. Some have small parts which could be swallowed. Others need a higher level of cognitive skills to be able to be used. As a general guide, look for toys which would suit the age of the child you a buying a present for.
  • Educational – just because a toy is educational, doesn’t mean it’s boring! With so many educational games available, look for ones which are sturdy, attractive and affordable, like ours.
  • Useful – adding to a child’s plastic toy collection just because you need to give them a present is rather pointless. On the other hand, giving them a useful gift benefits everyone. Some of the best gifts my boys have been given are things they can use often, such as chalkboards, dress up sets or our Constructive Eating kids cutlery and plate sets.
  • Hobbies – older children are more likely to have specific hobbies they enjoy, such as playing sport or drawing. A few carefully chosen items based around a hobby are always popular. For instance, a solar powered plane would suit an aviation made boy, while a girl who likes sewing would love to make her own teddy bear.
  • Hands on – kids love to be active! Some hands-on science experiments would fit the bill perfectly for older kids. For younger children, how about a pair of Happy Monster Feet Stilts?

Kids Gifts Parents Love Too

As a parent, the last thing I want to see happen is my child receive a present which creates more work for me. While I’m not trying to get rid of my kids, a bit of me time would be nice. So a present which they love and can use by themselves is high on my good list. Thankfully, they’re all like that at Squoodles! Head over and check out our online toy shop now!

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  • Yes, i do believe that we must always choose gifts according to age and their interests because if we miss any of there is no point of gifting something in that way. Nice list of must consider!

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