Top 7 Weirdest Kids Christmas Presents

Kids Christmas Presents UnicornWondering what kids Christmas presents Santa will be delivering this year? Well, have I found the best, um sorry I mean the weirdest, kids Christmas presents ever! Why, you may ask, have Squoodles tracked these down? Easy! It’s a stressful time of the year for us parents as we deserve a good laugh! Let’s check these weird children’s Christmas gifts out …

World’s Top 7 Weirdest Kids Christmas Presents

I must be honest. I had a lot of fun scrolling Google to find their unique and crazy presents. Here are seven of the world’s most ‘original’ presents, including some kids honestly asked Santa for!

  1. A unicorn that poops rainbows – why not go the whole hog and ask for not only a unicorn, but one which delivers rainbow presents too!
  2. Play-Doh Drill and Fill – this one’s a bit unique and some may think it’s strange, but budding dentists will love it! It works by creating teeth out of Play-Doh and then drilling out the cavities.
  3. A look-alike doll – a doll maker in Japan can make a doll which looks exactly like your child. It can even talk to your child using your child’s voice and wear the same clothes. That might be a little too creepy for me!
  4. Digger cutlery – I’m throwing this in here because our Constructive Eating Construction Cutlery Set is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, I’ve had feedback that picky eaters, particularly boys, love pushing food onto their fork and spoon with the bulldozer pusher! Make sure you head over and check this set out now.
  5. A ride on vacuum cleaner – I can see many parents (and kids for that matter) loving this! I was in two minds about whether to put it in this weird kids Christmas present list or not. But as a Mum, this would have come in handy many a time.
  6. A remote-control buffalo – one child in America asked Santa for a remote-control buffalo for Christmas. I can only think that she lives on a ranch and knows that sometimes buffalo have a mind of their own. Having one she can control would make life so much easier.
  7. Elf on the Shelf – some people love him, others hate him. But the Elf on the Shelf is fast becoming a popular before Christmas present for families. This year, make him one a kids Christmas present they won’t forget and they’ll be eagerly awaiting his return year after year.

It’s Time to Be Truthful

Okay, it’s time to fess up. What was the weirdest Christmas present you ever received? Give us all a laugh, cause at this time of the year we need one, and tell us in the comments box below! Then it’s time for some serious Christmas shopping for some kids Christmas presents here at Squoodles, New Zealand’s best wooden toy shop!

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