5 Ways to Make Learning Fun for Your Kids

Kids learn through play, and play can make learning fun. The problem is, the fun in learning seems to have vanished. So, we’re on a mission to bring the fun back into learning, and that’s not just because we own a great toy shop! As parents, we’ve been told school is boring, reading sucks and that our kids don’t want to do their homework. Use the word educational in a sentence, and they switch off and refuse to have anything … Read More

Let’s Talk About Depression in Young Children

Depression in young children happens, just like it does in teenagers and adults. It’s just not commonly known about, nor considered ‘normal.’ While there isn’t a lot of research regarding rates of depression in young children in NZ, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a real problem. As parents ourselves, we felt so strongly about this subject that we’ve up skilled ourselves to understand more about the ways to identify and help a young child showing signs of depression. Please … Read More

How to Protect Your Sex Life from Your Kids

Your sex life has dropped or remains non-existent since you’ve had kids. Like I’ve said before, the lazy Saturday mornings are gone, and sex after kids seems darn near impossible. That got me to thinking: surely we as parents need to grab every opportunity to have sex when we can. But there’s one problem, and it’s a big one. Kids. The kids are always around. Your newborn may sleep in the same room as you. Your toddler climbs into bed … Read More

Explaining the Meaning of Easter to Your Kids

Have you talked to your kids about the meaning of Easter? Did you head down the religious route, discussing how Jesus died on the cross and then arose again? Or did you talk about how the Easter bunny delivers Easter eggs because it is a time of new life and celebration? Okay, if you’re totally confused about what your children need to know about the meaning of Easter, you’re not alone. With the Christian version involving torture, blood and death, … Read More

How to Create Your Family’s Emergency Plan

An emergency plan is one of the most important assets your family can have. I call it an asset because it could quite literally be the one thing that saves one or more of your family members from injury or even death. Mr Squoodles and I love playing with and caring for our kids at home. But like other families, things happen, and life doesn’t flow as smoothly as we’d like. There are also times when there’s just one of … Read More

Mum Says No, Dad Says Yes: How to Parent as a Team

When you parent as a team, everyone wins. But it’s something all parents struggle with and that’s because we’re all different. You’re not a clone of your child’s Dad: you don’t know exactly what he’s thinking, nor have his past life experiences. Neither does he have that same knowledge about you. Your child knows this and has already decided that the fact you are not identical copies of each other is a weakness. In fact, it’s such a great weakness … Read More

Should You Be Encouraging Play-Based Learning?

As parents, we’re continually seeking ways to help our children and one which is proving popular nowadays is play-based learning. We already know that children learn best through play, but is this something we should be actively encouraging? Today Squoodles family, we investigate what is play-based learning, and the benefits it provides. I don’t know about you, but I remember school being a lot more hands-on when I was five. There was time to play with the musical instruments, construct … Read More

5 Tips to Help You Stop Yelling at Your Kids

If you don’t think you need to stop yelling at your kids, then I’d love to know your secret! How do you stay calm when you’ve told your child 29 times to put their shoes on and go to the toilet? What are your tactics for stopping steam escaping out of your ears when you’re running late, and your child is moving slower than an elephant in stilettos? As parents, we’re under enormous pressure on a daily basis. From cooking … Read More

5 Tips On Becoming a Superhero

So, you’re interested in becoming a superhero. Yes, you read that right. I’m talking about you and not your child! Sure, it’s easy enough for them to put on a cape and mask, then run screaming around the room saving the world. But that’s not for you. What you’ve got to do, is become a superhero who can fix every problem under the sun. You think I’m exaggerating? Nope. It’s called being a parent and you’re becoming a superhero by … Read More

Why Wooden Eco-Friendly Toys Are on Santa’s List This Year

He’s making a list and checking it twice, and  wooden eco-friendly toys are right at the top of his giving list! More than just being green, wooden toys provide plenty of benefits to both our kids and the planet! Today I’m going to talk about why the giving of wooden toys should be high on your list too. Benefits of Giving Wooden Eco-Friendly Toys A quick stroll online or around the shops will show you that plastic toys are still … Read More

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