Looking for Some Christmas Crafts for Kids? We’ve Got ‘Em!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and that means parents are frantically searching for ideas on Christmas crafts for kids. Big or small, kids love completing crafts, and Christmas is the ideal time to spend some quality family time completing them. Or simply to keep the kids busy once the school holidays start. Is it just me or are schools and kindergartens finishing earlier and earlier each year? Anyway, here at Squoodles, we know that hands on craft, … Read More

Amazingly Easy Science Activities Your Kids Will Love

Forget complicated instructions and scientific terminology, because we’ve found some of the easiest science activities for kids – and today we’re sharing them with you. 4 Incredibly Simple Science Activities for Kids Science for kids is all about learning how things work, as well as cause and effect. When I jump off the playground, I fall to the ground and that’s due to gravity. Leaves turn brown in the winter, birds live in nests, babies come from Mummy’s tummy… While … Read More

Why Intergenerational Bonding is So Important for Our Kids

If your child is lucky enough to have grandparents or older aunts and uncles in their lives, you’ll already be appreciative of the knowledge and support they can provide. Intergenerational bonding is not a term we hear often, but is one parents should be aware of. Referring to the building of relationships between different age groups, this key tool (yup, we’re calling it a tool) can have a significant impact upon your child and family. Exploring Intergenerational Bonding Intergenerational bonding … Read More

Camping Activities for Kids: Keeping Them Entertained While You Stay Sane

No longer will all day be ‘wine o’clock’ while on holiday, thanks to these brilliant camping activities for kids. Ha, who are we kidding – surviving a family camping holiday with your sanity involves a lot of wine. But these camping activities for kids that we’ve found for you here will certainly give you a few moments of peace to enjoy your wine. 6 Brilliant Camping Activities for Kids A camping holiday, be it out in the bush, the backyard … Read More

Fun Spring Gardening Ideas for Kids

Ready for some spring gardening ideas for your kids to enjoy? As the weather gets warmer, we all naturally want to head outdoors and play. But it’s also the perfect time to introduce some fun and easy spring gardening ideas to kids. As well as there being the benefit that they’ll maybe eat some of what they grow. Or a possibility some of the weeds will get pulled out. Okay, so that one went too far, but spring is the … Read More

7 Crafty Upcycling Ideas for Kids at Home

Roll up, roll up because we’ve got the upcycling ideas and activities for your kids sorted for the next 10 years! Okay, so ten years might be a slight exaggeration, but our crafty upcycling ideas will certainly keep them going for hours and hours. What is Upcycling? Upcycling, or the process of transforming an object into something different by readapting or repurposing it, is a common concept to most kids. Early on cardboard boxes and egg cartons are turned into … Read More

Help! My Child Has Trouble Following Instructions

Why does my child have so much trouble following instructions? It’s something many of us parents have asked ourselves, our children’s teachers and the checkout operator at the local supermarket. Or maybe not there, since that would be kind of awkward. So we thought it was time to look into the reasons why this might be happening and what we as parents can do about it. Why Do Some Kids Struggle With Following Instructions? Kids receive instructions in a few … Read More

Shampoo Bars Vs Liquid Shampoo: Which is Best for Your Family?

Shampoo bars are growing in popularity, but are they all they are made out to be? As a family of five, our Squoodles family volunteered to discover if shampoo bars are truly better than liquid soap. Or rather, Mrs Squoodles volunteered her entire family without their knowledge. But it’s the same thing really, isn’t it?! Choosing Between Shampoo Bars and Liquid Shampoo In the name of science, I volunteered my family’s hair to discover whether shampoo bars work better than … Read More

Planning Overseas Holidays with Kids

Where is the best place to start when planning overseas holidays with kids? Do you visit the travel agent for suggestions? Should you ask for suggestions from friends? Or is it best to ask the kids where they want to go? According to some travel experts, it’s actually a mixture of all three of these. We take a look at the ins and outs of planning overseas holidays with kids that the entire family can enjoy. Top Tips on Planning … Read More

5 Easy Sewing Projects for Kids

We’re into gender equality for all here at Squoodles, which is why we’ve put together some fabulous ideas on 5 easy sewing projects for kids. Yes, that’s right, kids. Both boys and girls can learn to sew, just like both can learn to drive a digger and read a book! It would be fair to say that traditionally girls and boys have been pigeon-holed into groups and activities based upon their gender. Remember the old dolls are for girls and … Read More

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