Sex Education: When Should You Introduce the Birds & the Bees?

Welcome to sex education. My name is Mrs Squoodles and I’m your teacher for this lesson. Today we’re going to learn about where babies come from and why boys have willies. Any questions? No? Good, then let’s begin. Talking Sex Education with Your Kids I don’t know about you, but some of my classmates never learnt about sex from their parents. It was a taboo subject, not one that was ever mentioned. For some, the TV channel was changed when … Read More

Christmas Elves: Turning naughty into nice

It is Christmas time again which means that the naughty Elf on the Shelf arrives back into our homes on the 1st December.  For those of you who don’t know about the Elf tradition, keep reading.  Every year Santa makes a list of who has been naughty or nice.  But he’s a bit busy at this time of year, so Mr Elf helps him out.  He keeps an eye on the children during the day, and with a bit of … Read More

Is There Sex After Kids?

Don’t scoff, but I’m sure I’m not the only one to laugh when people say sex after kids is darn near impossible. I mean, it’s such a true statement and something most parents can relate with. Gone are the lazy Saturday morning bedroom scenes and you’ve left those afternoon sex marathons behind. Instead, sex after kids becomes one of those distant fantasies. In fact, there’s more chance that you’ll win Lotto. So that got me thinking. No, not that I … Read More

Car Travel with Kids: A Parent’s Survival Guide

It’s road trip time again, and that includes car travel with kids. Yuk! As a parent, we all know the havoc our kids can cause. From yelling, hitting their brother, throwing their toys and asking never-ending questions, sitting in a car only intensifies everything! It’s no wonder that car travel with kids ranks highly on the list of nightmares for parents! However, sometimes you’ve got to do it. So, it comes down to careful planning and organisation to help your … Read More

Science for Kids: What Does It Look Like & Involve?

I don’t know about you, but when I think about science for kids, I instantly think of toddlers wearing lab coats and using Bunsen burners! But it’s not that that at all. In fact, science for kids is far less technical. It’s all about learning how things work and cause and effect too. So, it got me thinking about science for kids and what that could look like. As parents, what can we do to help encourage and guide our … Read More

Top Board Games and Why They’re So Popular

Board games have been around for thousands of years and in multiple countries around the world. Many board games have been adapted from older games such as Chess or Snakes and Ladders, both of which originally came from India before heading to Europe. One of the longest continuously played table top games is called Go. It’s a Chinese game which was first played more than 3000 years ago, and it is still very popular in Asia today. Believe it or … Read More

Rainy Day & Indoor Activities for Kids: Stop the Cabin Fever!

It’s cold and bucketing down outside, making finding some great indoor activities for kids becomes a priority. Sure, there’s always TV or the iPad you could fall back on. But an activity which is educational, helps build their thinking and social skills, now that’s something as a parent I’d want to know about! So, I started doing some research and hunted down some great indoor activities for kids to share with you. Top 7 Indoor Activities for Kids When the … Read More

Toys for Girls & Toys for Boys: Is This How It Should Be?

Without saying so, manufacturers develop specific toys for girls and toys for boys. Through their marketing and packaging of toys, they are demonstrating which gender should play with each toy. Barbie is seen with blonde and brown-haired young girls playing with her in advertisements and comes packed in her own little pink box. Hot Wheel cars have a blue box and have young boys racing them around in ads. Gender specific toys are nothing new, but today’s parents are questioning … Read More

Choosing Age Appropriate Toys from Babies to School Age

It’s easy to buy toys for your own children, but it gets tricky when it comes to age appropriate toys for other kids. Today I’m discussing how to choose age appropriate toys which suit the developmental stages of a child. I’ll also explain the type of play which is usually seen at each developmental stage. Picking Age Appropriate Toys from Birth to School Age When it comes to choosing the right toy to buy for a child, there are two … Read More

Crafts for Kids: Easy Activities You Can Do at Home

Looking for some great ideas for arts and crafts for kids? Awesome! But did you know that not only are you keeping them entertained and engaged, but you’re also providing them with many opportunities to grow and develop too! Today I’m going to share some easy activities and crafts for kids you can do at home. I’ll also dive into why, as a parent, encouraging your kids to experiment with art and craft activities is a great move!’ Kiwi Parent’s … Read More

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