How To Make An Egg Carton Anzac Poppy Wreath

Next week on Saturday 25th April it is ANZAC day. We would like to spend time to prepare for this by making a Anzac Poppy Wreath. As we are unable to be together and remember due to the COVID-19 lockdown in New Zealand, it is even more so important to show our respect from our own bubbles. What do you need: – egg carton. I used 15 ‘cups’ but you could make it bigger or smaller. – red paint and … Read More

10 Innovative Ways to Reuse Bubble Wrap

Received a parcel and are looking for ways to reuse the bubble wrap the contents were wrapped in?  You’ve come to the right place, because we’ve got a list of 10 creative things you can use bubble wrap for! Before we do though, we just want to explain why we still wrap some of our products in bubble wrap. Even though we have switched to using brown cartons, compostable bags, and brown paper for most of our packaging, we do … Read More

What’s So Good About Play-Based Learning at School?

You may have heard the term play-based learning at school recently. It’s not a new thing though, as play has been what children have used to help them learn for centuries! What is new though, is that play-based learning is now being encouraged by schools as a part of their everyday curriculum. We take a look at the reasons why schools are deliberately changing the way they teach and including play-based learning within the curriculum. Why Are Schools So Keen … Read More

Best Ways of Managing Constipation in Children

Constipation in children is literally a pain in the behind. Unlike when us adults get constipated, kids often don’t realise what’s happening. They react to the pain and discomfort by holding onto their poos even more. This creates a really nasty cycle where kids hold onto the poo because it causes them pain, which creates more hard poo which causes pain and around it goes. Prevention is far better than cure, but constipation in children can be managed successfully. Today … Read More

When Toilet Training Doesn’t Go To Plan

Here’s the truth; no matter how hard you try, toilet training doesn’t work all the time. You may have a detailed plan, a new potty that plays music and a ton of bribery rewards. Doesn’t matter though if the stars are against you. Or the moon. Or even the day of the week. Sometimes toilet training just doesn’t go to plan. It could be a medical reason, such as long-term constipation, anxiety, a lack of readiness or a condition such … Read More

Fun Ideas for Gardening with Kids at Home

Gardening with kids isn’t just about planting seeds and mowing the lawns with a plastic lawnmower. It’s about building a passion for being outside, working with the earth and helping to build an understanding of where food comes from. The Squoodles boys are lucky in that their school is an active member of the Garden to Table initiative. They have the opportunity to cultivate the garden, grow their own vegetables, then prepare, cook and eat them at school. It’s a … Read More

Dealing with Grief After Miscarriage

You never move on from grief after a miscarriage. Let’s straighten that myth out once and for all. Moving on when you’ve lost a loved one just doesn’t happen. You move forward. Grief after miscarriage is something I have experienced before. My husband and I have had eight angel babies, each of them unique, beautiful and much loved. We have not moved on from the grief of losing them, nor will we. This is a difficult subject to talk about, … Read More

Chores for Kids: Exactly What Should They Be Doing for Pocket Money?

It’s a simple equation: chores for kids = pocket money. Do the dishes, get paid. Make your bed, get paid. And so on. It’s when we as parents need to identify the specific chores we want our kids to do, is when things get murky. So, we’re clearing things up with a great list of chores for kids from age two to ten. Chores for Kids from Ages Two to Ten Years I grew up being expected to clean my … Read More

How Much is the Tooth Fairy Paying These Days?

Everyone knows that the tooth fairy comes visiting when baby teeth begin falling out. Since the dawn of time (maybe), she’s been making the rounds leaving one, two and five-cent coins under the pillows of gappy mouth kids. Back when I was young, this was an incredibly exciting time because that five-cent coin could buy a bag of lollies down at the dairy. In fact, it could practically buy an entire week’s worth of groceries, or maybe even a car. … Read More

How Jigsaw Puzzles Help Kids Learn to Solve Problems

We’ve always loved jigsaw puzzles here at Squoodles. As well as providing hours of entertainment and enjoyment, they can also help grow a child’s problem-solving and other developmental skills. You could say that they provide the perfect brain food for our kids. In our article How to Pick a Wooden Puzzle for Your Child, we share some tips on selecting the right puzzle: take a read if you are hunting for some jigsaw puzzles for your little one.  Today though, … Read More

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