Top Ideas on Gifts for Tweens

Choosing gifts for tweens is a bit of a fine balance. You want something which isn’t seen as babyish, yet not too ‘adult-like’ and off putting. Notoriously difficult to buy for, tweens also tend to rely upon what their friends think as to whether a gift is ok or not. To help you parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles out, we’re sharing our best ideas on choosing gifts for tweens. Choosing Great Gifts for Tweens They’ll Actually Love Getting In order … Read More

Does Your Child Face Learning Difficulties?

The two words ‘learning difficulties’ mean different things to different people. For some parents, this means their child has trouble learning new academic type things. For others, that their child faces challenges outside the classroom. The Ministry of Education tends to avoid using learning difficulties, instead using children with learning support needs. Regardless of all these different meanings though, our view as parents is that a child with learning difficulties is a child that needs a bit of extra support. … Read More

Preparing Your Child for a Hospital Stay

Whether planned or sudden, a hospital stay can be a frightening experience for all the family. As much as the staff help to welcome and settle your child in, answer your questions and explain what’s going to happen, the loss of control and helplessness many parents feel is all too real. Having been the parents of a child admitted to hospital, we’d like to share our experiences and thoughts with you to hopefully make your child’s time in hospital go … Read More

Helping Your Child with Dyspraxia

Dyspraxia is a neurologically based disorder where the child or adult finds it hard to coordinate physical movements with their body’s muscles. This is a three-part process involving thinking about the idea, planning out how to do the idea and then making the movements to do it. What is seen by others is a person who is likely clumsy, have fine and gross motor skill difficulties, poor handwriting, challenges copying text from a book or board, trouble dressing themselves and … Read More

Helping Kids Learn Te Reo Maori

As one of our two official languages, we feel it is important our kids learn Te Reo Maori both at school and at home. While there are many wonderful Te Reo Maori resources at preschools and schools, we thought that ones for using at home were rather limited – so we got this sorted. At Squoodles, we are excited to bring Kiwi families a wide range of books, games and toys to help kids learn Te Reo Maori. We’ll also … Read More

Why Memory Games Should Be Number One in Your Home

Memory games such as Kim’s Game have been around forever it seems, and with good reason – they help us to develop our working memory. In the Squoodles household, we find that playing memory games is a nice way of slowing down the pace of our day and gives us a chance to relax. So we thought we’d share a few of our favourite games and a bit about the importance of the working memory. Memory Games and Our Working … Read More

How to Introduce a New Partner to Your Kids

Are you ready to introduce a new partner to your kids? With this introduction being the beginning of your new blended family, you want to make sure that everything goes as well as possible. We’ll look at some of the ‘rules’ regarding the introduction of a new partner, plus suggestions on managing your new family dynamics. Needing Advice on the Best Ways to Introduce Your New Partner? Change is a part of life and there’s no greater change to a … Read More

It’s Time for Some Bathtime Fun and Games

As a mum, I adore me some bathtime fun.  Warm water, a glass of bubbles, no kids… But alas, today I’m here to talk about bathtime activities for the kids your life. You may have a toddler reluctant to bath, a baby who screams the moment they get wet or a super splasher in your family. We can help calm all those things down by sharing a few of our favourite bath products and games. NZ’s Favourite Activities for Bathtime … Read More

Looking for Some Christmas Crafts for Kids? We’ve Got ‘Em!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and that means parents are frantically searching for ideas on Christmas crafts for kids. Big or small, kids love completing crafts, and Christmas is the ideal time to spend some quality family time completing them. Or simply to keep the kids busy once the school holidays start. Is it just me or are schools and kindergartens finishing earlier and earlier each year? Anyway, here at Squoodles, we know that hands on craft, … Read More

Amazingly Easy Science Activities Your Kids Will Love

Forget complicated instructions and scientific terminology, because we’ve found some of the easiest science activities for kids – and today we’re sharing them with you. 4 Incredibly Simple Science Activities for Kids Science for kids is all about learning how things work, as well as cause and effect. When I jump off the playground, I fall to the ground and that’s due to gravity. Leaves turn brown in the winter, birds live in nests, babies come from Mummy’s tummy… While … Read More

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