Should You Be Encouraging Play-Based Learning?

As parents, we’re continually seeking ways to help our children and one which is proving popular nowadays is play-based learning. We already know that children learn best through play, but is this something we should be actively encouraging? Today Squoodles family, we investigate what is play-based learning, and the benefits it provides. I don’t know about you, but I remember school being a lot more hands-on when I was five. There was time to play with the musical instruments, construct … Read More

5 Tips to Help You Stop Yelling at Your Kids

If you don’t think you need to stop yelling at your kids, then I’d love to know your secret! How do you stay calm when you’ve told your child 29 times to put their shoes on and go to the toilet? What are your tactics for stopping steam escaping out of your ears when you’re running late, and your child is moving slower than an elephant in stilettos? As parents, we’re under enormous pressure on a daily basis. From cooking … Read More

5 Tips On Becoming a Superhero

So, you’re interested in becoming a superhero. Yes, you read that right. I’m talking about you and not your child! Sure, it’s easy enough for them to put on a cape and mask, then run screaming around the room saving the world. But that’s not for you. What you’ve got to do, is become a superhero who can fix every problem under the sun. You think I’m exaggerating? Nope. It’s called being a parent and you’re becoming a superhero by … Read More

Why Wooden Eco-Friendly Toys Are on Santa’s List This Year

He’s making a list and checking it twice, and  wooden eco-friendly toys are right at the top of his giving list! More than just being green, wooden toys provide plenty of benefits to both our kids and the planet! Today I’m going to talk about why the giving of wooden toys should be high on your list too. Benefits of Giving Wooden Eco-Friendly Toys A quick stroll online or around the shops will show you that plastic toys are still … Read More

6 Reasons Why Learning Te Reo Maori Benefits Kids

It would be fair to say that the subject of kids learning te reo Maori has been rather controversial over the past few years. Many politicians and education professionals have voiced their opinion in that it should be compulsory in schools. Then there’s been those who have been vocally against it, categorically stating that their children will never learn it. Te reo Maori is one of two official languages in New Zealand. Our kids receive instruction and daily exposure to … Read More

6 Ways to Motivate Kids to Clean Up & Save Your Sanity!

As a parent, you’ll be under no illusion in that getting kids to clean up after themselves ranks as one of the most challenging tasks ever! Yet our children’s failure to do so has been the annoyance of parents since, well, forever! There is some good news on the horizon though. I’ve found six ways that it can, I repeat can, be possible to motivate kids to clean up their messes. From one parent to another, I wish you the … Read More

Tips & Tricks On Building Your Own Bug Hotel

Say goodbye to the garden gnomes – a bug hotel is the latest trend in parks and back gardens across New Zealand! Just like its name, a bug hotel is a home for insects. It’s a tool used to attract beneficial bugs into your garden; a bit like your very own army against aphids and a team of flower pollinators. Making your own insect homes are a ton of fun and having already made a Squoodles one, it’s time to … Read More

Sex Education: When Should You Introduce the Birds & the Bees?

Welcome to sex education. My name is Mrs Squoodles and I’m your teacher for this lesson. Today we’re going to learn about where babies come from and why boys have willies. Any questions? No? Good, then let’s begin. Talking Sex Education with Your Kids I don’t know about you, but some of my classmates never learnt about sex from their parents. It was a taboo subject, not one that was ever mentioned. For some, the TV channel was changed when … Read More

Christmas Elves: Turning naughty into nice

It is Christmas time again which means that the naughty Elf on the Shelf arrives back into our homes on the 1st December.  For those of you who don’t know about the Elf tradition, keep reading.  Every year Santa makes a list of who has been naughty or nice.  But he’s a bit busy at this time of year, so Mr Elf helps him out.  He keeps an eye on the children during the day, and with a bit of … Read More

Is There Sex After Kids?

Don’t scoff, but I’m sure I’m not the only one to laugh when people say sex after kids is darn near impossible. I mean, it’s such a true statement and something most parents can relate with. Gone are the lazy Saturday morning bedroom scenes and you’ve left those afternoon sex marathons behind. Instead, sex after kids becomes one of those distant fantasies. In fact, there’s more chance that you’ll win Lotto. So that got me thinking. No, not that I … Read More

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